Useful Signs to Teach Your Kid

Teaching your baby how to communicate using sign language comes with numerous benefits. Knowing which signs to use and how to teach them, however, can be challenging for new parents or those trying sign language for the first time. There is a variety of resources which you can use to achieve this goal. Sign language charts for kids are among the most popular choice when it comes to such resources.

A baby sign language chart will serve to teach you and your kid the right signs that you should use. It reduces the chances of forgetting which gesture to use or using the wrong gesture, which can be confusing to the kid. Hanging it in an obvious place where you always see it, also works as a reminder for you to sign whenever you are talking to the kid. Some useful signs to teach your baby, which can be found on a sign chart, are described below.

Baby Sign Used for ‘Hunger’

Knowing when your baby needs food is important, especially after the introduction of solid foods after the age of six months. The sign for ‘hungry’ is as simple as cupping your hand just below your chin and then moving it downwards towards your stomach. You should repeat the motion as many times as you say the word.

Baby Sign Used for ‘Drink’

The baby sign for ‘drink’ is done by making a curved shape with your hand, just as you would when holding a glass. You then move your hand to your mouth as if to drink from the imaginary glass that you are holding.

Baby Sign Used for ‘Milk’

To sign ‘milk,’ you need to start by making two fists. You then extend all your fingers outwards and bring them back to form a fist again, kind of as if you are squeezing something. The sign for milk is used for both when the baby needs to nurse or feed using a bottle.

Baby Sign Used for ‘Water’

To sign for water, you extend the three middle fingers of one hand and point them upwards, leaving your pinkie and thumb tucked down. You then tap your chin using your index finger as you say the word water.

Baby Sign Used for ‘More’

To make the sign for ‘more,’ you start by pinching all your fingers together, including the thumbs. The fingertips should create an O shape for both hands. You should then tap the fingertips together a couple of times when you say the word ‘more.’

Baby Sign Used for ‘Done’

Every time your baby finishes something, like his food or milk, you can take that opportunity to teach him the sign for ‘done.’ The sign is similar to the ASL sign for ‘finished.’ Start by placing both your hands up, each at the side of your face. Your palms should be facing you. Extend your hands outwards until the palms are facing the baby, to sign for ‘done.’

Baby Sign Used for ‘Sleep’

To sign sleep, start by spreading apart all the fingers of one hand over your face, with the palm being on the forehead. You then draw your hand downwards over your face, bring your fingertips together at the bottom of your chin.

Baby Sign Used for ‘Yes’

To sign ‘yes,’ make a fist and bob it up and down from the wrist joint.