The Benefits of Baby Sign Language

What a lot of parents may not realise is that if their little one is showing signs of frustration, it can sometimes come from them not being able to express themselves in a way which is understood. This is just one of the reasons why a lot of new parents have become interested in teaching their babies sign language. Many feel that there are a lot of benefits to this.

A Natural Instinct

Most babies have the natural instinct to make gestures when they want something or want to express themselves. These can be expanded upon and are sometimes referred to as body language. Now they are being taken a step further and being dubbed as baby sign language.

The Benefits for the Baby

There are several benefits which the baby can enjoy if they are taught to use this type of language.

Earlier Communication

They can use baby sign language at an earlier stage than when they can talk. They can start learning this from an age as early as six months. They can start using the sign language to indicate when they want milk, or if they are hungry and want to eat. It can also be used as an indicator when they are tired and want to sleep. It is often used when they want to express that they are all done with something.

Psychological Enhancement

Babies who can communicate are often less frustrated, and as a result, they feel good about themselves. It can be a confidence builder because they are making accomplishments. They don’t need to rely on negative actions or frustrations to try and get what they require, or to express their negative feelings because they can’t communicate their wants and needs.

Advanced Development

There have been studies on this subject which have provided some evidence that children who have learned baby sign language develop faster in some ways. This is based on the development of thought processings. Some of the study indicators are that the youngster will have a broader vocabulary range. One period of research that supported this was the Murkoff Study.

Better Visual Skills

Learning baby sign language requires visualisation as well as attention to detail. This may help the little one enhance these skills.


Babies who can understand and use baby sign language have a better experience when communicating with their parents. This is a real plus for bonding. Baby sign languages encompass laughter and touch, which is enjoyed by both the baby and the parents.

Parental Benefits

The benefits of baby sign language are not just applicable to the baby. There are several benefits which the parents can enjoy.

Less Frustration

Just as babies get frustrated with not being able to communicate, the same can be said for the parents. Using regular language is not something the little ones can comprehend, but they will be able to respond to the sign language.

More Enjoyable Moments

Every parent enjoys all the time they spend with their babies, but being able to spend an agreeable period with the use of communication enhances these moments.

With all the benefits which baby sign language can bring, it is something at least worth considering for parents who are anxious to be able to do something that is rewarding for everyone.